Pictures, Design, and Plans

This page has moved to my new site, The Sustainable Smallholding, and can be read HERE. The content has been largely replaced by the much more detailed design, which can be read on the WOLDS WOODLAND FARMING PROJECT page.





Property Overview


Design Requirements


Design Schematic




Woodland Glade


Forest Glade Patterning

Patterning at The Sustainable Smallholding


Forest Garden


Forest Garden Overview

Coppice and Orchard


Coppice Schematic

Further Elements


10 thoughts on “Pictures, Design, and Plans”

  1. Hello Deano, This is treemendous work you are doing!!!
    I am an urban edible landscape designer, but as I head into “retirement” I want to design Edible hedgerows. This is how I found you today.You blogs and sites are so important and join us like cedar roots reaching for one another.I studied stained glass in Swansea ’77-’79 and spent my weekends in the Beacons. I live on Vancouver Island,BC Canada with a similar climate – the wetcoast. Thanks for all things…cheers Helena

  2. Hi Helena
    Thanks for your comments. I tried to check your site out, but couldn’t find it. Not sure why.
    I loved the beacons, although running up and down them would be impossible for me now!
    Wishing you well


  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts/plans their are few places ive found that do this so clearly in relation to design. It is very useful to see what what your doing for begginers like me. Thank you again and I wish you great success with your work.

  4. Thank you very much for your comment Patrick.
    I’m still a relative beginner myself, but hope to help others, by passing on what I learn.

    Good Luck in yourown endeavours


  5. Dean, your website is great! Your articles contain a real depth of knowledge and information.
    Keep up the good work:)

  6. Hi Pete
    Thank You for your encouragement.
    Wishing you well


  7. Liked your explanation of your design Deno, its looks great. Love the patterning.

  8. Hi Darius.Thanks for your comments. The patterning started off as an observation, and then made it’s way into the thinking.

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