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Today was the fourth and final day of our Introduction to Permaculture Course. I ran this for our group, the Horncastle Area Permaculture Initiative (HAPI), over four Saturdays, and today was the day for the students to present their designs.

Introduction to Permaculture


The course was run at the home of Ali, one of the group, and she was also the client for the design project, which was her garden. Running the course at the venue for the design, allowed us to work through the whole process, in situ. Holding the days, one a month, gave time for everybody to think through what we covered, and also allowed more time for them to work on their designs, which are posted below

I didn’t know what to expect from them, as a couple had said that they didn’t think that their designs were good enough. In fact, I was blown away by the amount of work that they put into them. Take a look for yourselves, and bear in mind that this was an introduction course, not a full Design course. If you click on a picture it enlarges, and a second click enlarges again, allowing you to scroll across the image. Clicking on the back arrow of your browser will take you back to this page.


Permaculture Design

Maisie's Design


Permaculture Design

Jennifer's Design


Permaculture Design

Patty's Design


Permaculture Design

Eddie's Design


Permaculture Design

Ali's Design


Permaculture Design

Ali's Inset


Permaculture Design

The Collective Results

Helping out with HAPI is one of the ways that I use the ethical principles of permaculture in my life. This one, the redistribution of my knowledge, is given freely. In return, the HAPI members give me some of their time, when I have a project that needs some extra hands.

For diploma purposes, it is also evidence of my engagement with the wider permaculture community.