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I wanted to show you all how far my former battery hens are ranging. Here’s a picturebattery Hens Free Ranging

battery Hens Free Ranging

of them at the top of my field. it was taken a few days ago. The hens are quite difficult to spot, but if you look for the White Cockerel, the little brown specks are the hens. It still annoys me when I think of the conditions in which they’re kept. At least these are getting to feel the sun, the wind and the rain, and are learning what it’s like to be a real chicken.

They’re still not producing many eggs yet, but who cares? If I was worried about the eggs, I would have bought some point of lay hybrids. These will earn their keep eventually. If not by producing eggs, by clearing patches of ground for me, eating  slugs, or just by giving me the pleasure of their company.

I’ve also posted on my scything blog, about a deal that I’ve done for some egg laying ducks. You might want to check the article out.  Scything Article.The link is on the right side of the page. I hope that you enjoy it.