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The ten ex battery hens are starting to explore a bit more today, with all of them out of the hutch for most of the time. it’s great to see them out scratching in the leaf litter, and acting like real chickens. I finally got the camera working, so here’s what they look like when they come out of the cages. This isn’t a model, this is a real chicken. it is supposed to be brown. The light patches are bald skin, and where most of the feathers are missing.  it’s almost as if the bird is posing for the camera, wanting people to see what the real price of cheap eggs is.

It must be quite strange for them. Open space, vegetation, sunlight, wind, living food, it’s not much to ask for really is it?

What a battery hen really looks like

What a battery hen really looks like

I’ll get some pictures when this one looks like a real chicken again.